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Server Screenshots
« on: 24 October, 2015, 05:50:56 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Here are a couple of links to the [KAOS]-Clan AAPG Server Screenshots.

This link will take you to the live screenshots folder, showing all the current screenshots (this directory is usually downloaded, deleted from the server, then uploaded to the other link below daily):

[KAOS]-Clan Servers

Click here for live screenshots of the [KAOS]-Clan USA Server

This link will take you to the Archive Screenshot Viewer Page. This page will have the screenshots permanently archived and deleted on a monthly basis. From that point onwards, screenshots that are permanently archived will not be viewable online any longer.

Click here for archived screenshots

If you happen to find a screenshot that is either questionable, or clearly shows a cheat being used, please feel free to make a separate post in this section, letting us know the day and date, and also the screenshot file name, and we can look into it further. If a cheat is indicated, it will be posted and the player banned.

Hope this helps.